10 Steps To Buy Cheapest Car Insurance

Steps To Buy Car Insurance
Buying a car is easy but maintaining a car is not easy. It involves several regulations which every car owner has to comply with. One of these compliances is auto insurance. Finding a good insurance cover for the car at the right price is no longer a tedious and a challenging hunt. It is now possible to check the auto insurance companies online and work out the correct quotes in order to compare and see which is best suited to an individual budget. Since finding cheapest car insurance takes time and effort, most of the people go for the first insurance cover that is available is the one that new car owners take coverage for, but this is not an advisable course of action. It is always essential and prudent to compare the quotes and the coverage that is offered in order to be well provided for in case of a mishap. Accidents are difficult to predict. Being prepared is to be able to prevent financial damage that could be the cause of a drain of an individual’s budget. Instead of paying high premiums, for small violation it would be better to get coverage where the premium is low. The following steps will assist a person to find out good insurance companies with low cost car insurance.

Step 1: The Areas That Need To Be Covered

Make a list of the areas that need to be covered in the auto insurance. Check the budget that has been kept for the auto insurance premiums. Different states in the country have different types of coverage which are in packages. Compare the insurance packages with the ones that you have in the area where you live, then speak to the shortlisted insurance companies about your needs for an auto insurance. There are auto insurance issues that arise and it would be wise to check out the auto insurance issues that automobile owners have faced. Make a list of all the issues and keep it ready for discussion with the company.

Step 2: Review Your Insurance Policy

Take a good look at your auto insurance policy that you have. See the areas that are not covered, see the premiums that you have been paying and make a note of the areas of concern in your present insurance policy. Check the shortlisted insurance companies to see which of them offer the areas which does not offer insurance and contact those companies that offer what your present insurance company does not cover. In reviewing the current policy, it will be possible to get a better understanding of how the auto insurance companies work, the areas of concern, answers to the insurance issues that arise, timely reimbursement payments without any prolonged delay and service.

Step 3: Make A List Of All The Driving Accidents And Tickets

By making a list of all the driving accidents that have taken place while you were in your car, will help you to analyze which accidents were your mistakes and which was caused by the reckless driving of another driver. The accidents major or minor, should be included in your checklist. The number of tickets you have received and the reasons why you received them should also be listed. This will help you to understand your actual insurance cover needs as against the one that you currently have. Discuss this list with the representative of the auto insurance company to get a better understanding of a good package.

Step 4: Check Competitive Quotes

With the full details in hand, check the competitive quotes of the companies that are available online. Some companies participate in the online one stop sites where the quotes of several companies are available. Other companies sell auto insurance directly to customers without the use of representatives and agents. Still others use only representatives and agents. The coverage should cover all the areas that you think are essential for you and yet be less than what you are paying. An important factor that must be taken into consideration is the time taken by the insurance company to reimburse you. Added to this is the need to be treated properly when you file an insurance claim.

Step 5: Company Information

When you have chosen the company, try to get as much information of the company as possible. Keep a record of all the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and the toll free (800) numbers of the company. In addition, check the reputation of the company and the clients who have had a good experience of the company and those who have had a negative experience of the company. By checking this area of complaints and appreciation, it will be possible to understand the workings of the company and the levels of customer concern that the company has for their clients. Good service is expected when premium is paid to an auto insurance company by a customer.

Step 6: Make Your Phone Calls

When all these background checks and the levels of customer satisfaction and complaints have been checked, call the companies; if there are no phone numbers given, then send an email. Many companies prefer to communicate by email. Do not take a decision unless you are sure that all the companies that you have shortlisted have been contacted you and you have communicated to each of them. Be clear in your calls and your emails, write to the point with your queries and your details. This will help to keep the communication clear and the replies will be specific replies to your queries. Make sure that all the companies have been contacted.

Step 7: Gaining Maximum Benefit From The Insurance Company

The auto insurance companies discounts for those who have a good track record as drivers. They also provide discounts for teenage drivers and students. If the family takes the policy from the auto insurance company, then a better price is given by the auto insurance company in the way of discounts. The discounts are larger when the family or the individual takes not only the auto insurance of the company, but other insurance policies as well. Hence a three way discount is possible for auto insurance and other related family policies.

Step 8: Insurance Company Review

After doing the background check of the company, review the details of the track record of the company. There have been instances where the auto insurance companies have refused to pay out despite genuine claims. It is therefore important that you should consider checking the financial ratings of the company which will provide the information, whether the company is successful or had a good reputation. Visit the company office on three occasions at least, to check if you are dealing with the same people or not. If you need to speak to a new person every time, then that is not the company to choose. Check the position of the company with the national Association of Insurance Commissioners by checking the customer information section. Check the legal cases that the company is involved in currently.

Step 9: Review The New Policy

When you finally decided upon a company after reviewing the company and rendering a background check, before signing the policy, read every line that is printed on the policy including those that are written in fine print. Check what has been told to you verbally is in the policy papers before you put your signature on it. It is also important to clarify with the company that it is written that you will be reimbursed for spare parts and not just the original parts, if you wish to keep your car for a longer period. This will help you to stay away from disputes and get your claims.

Step 10: Cancelling The Old Policy

Once you have entered into a contractual agreement with the other company, make sure that you carry the proof of cancellation to show the new company. Do not part with the original and keep it safely as it may be needed at a later date for the purposes of verifying that you have cancelled the old policy, also that you are not liable to pay any more premiums for the old policy. Take a copy of the proof of cancellation of the old policy to your new company and hand over the copy of the proof to them. This will also remain in their records and it will avoid future disputes over premium payments.

In all it appears that choosing the right company for an auto insurance is easy. It is easy to sign a policy but every individual must be careful to review the company and the premium rates in order to get the maximum benefits and good discounts. Doing a careful check will assist an individual to pay less on auto insurance premiums and avoid future disputes over reimbursements. It will also ensure that the company you have chosen does not refuse reimbursement for the claims.

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