How To Do Your Taxes On iOS?

How To Do Your Taxes On iOS

Doing your tax report can be a long and exhausting process, especially if you are not educated in the ways of finances and taxes. If this is your case as well, you have to utilize all resources available at any given moment.

Falling late with your report can often be disastrous and even lead to spending time in jail if you fail to produce it. Thankfully, we are here for you to rely on and show you proven and the best ways to deal with tax forms and all the paperwork that goes with it.

Here to help you with tax reports is a mobile app coming from the Cometdocs workshop. If you haven’t heard about Cometdocs before, it’s a software company that’s well known for creating some of the most prolific conversion mobile apps on the market at the moment, due to the sheer power of the OCR engine powering their software. 

Their latest series of updates brought attention to Image to Word, a very useful mobile app that is vital to all who have problems doing tax reports. If you are not a fan of writing by hand, and reading through all the paperwork, this app will do all the work for you. Maybe not all, but like 83% of the work at the very least...

As you may assume from the name of it, Image to Word takes your images, photos, and screenshots and converts them to a searchable and editable MS Word format. Or to put it simply, you take a pic of your 1040 form and the app will convert it for you. Then, you email it to yourself and open it in any text editing program you prefer using. Our suggestion is MS Word, but do give it a try in Libreoffice and Quick Office as well.

But, let's backtrack a bit and go over some of the main features of Image to Word:

  • You can convert almost any text-rich image with nearly perfect outcome
  • Strongest OCR engine on the market at the moment powering the conversion
  • Optimized output format makes it easy to manipulate content and edit the file
  • Ease of access - share and access your files with no issues after conversion
  • File preview option is offered in order to see conversion results
  • New User Interface as of version 3.0
  • Image to Word is battery friendly, meaning that you can run it while the app is minimized

However, there are also some downsides to Image to Word:

  • Image to Word doesn’t allow you to edit the file within the app itself
  • Conversion time can vary depending on how busy the servers are at the moment

As you can see from the app screenshot, Image to Word offers 2 ways of importing files. First being Camera, meaning that you can take a snap at whatever you need to convert and the second being Photos, which allows you to import all previously made photos and screenshots.

Image to Word OCR converter is available on both iOS and Android to give equal opportunities to its users. Feel free to try out either of the two versions and make sure you leave a comment or at least rate it so that future users and readers know what’s ahead!
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