Inevitabilities Of Health Insurances For Everyone In The Society

 Inevitabilities of Health Insurances for Everyone in the Society

Health insurance

Health insurance is termed as complete coverage of medical and surgical expenses. As everyone knows, medical treatments are costly nowadays, so government and private sectors give some benefits to their workers in order to decrease their load and stress. However, there are several multinational and local massive organizations as well that offers health insurance to their employees for their wellbeing. Although, its imperative nowadays that all people should be enrolled in any kind of health insurance for the betterment and healthy society, so here are few aspects mentioned below:

Health insurance Can Be Of Two Types

  • Sponsorship of a particular hospital is provided which includes all the bills and expenses. The hospital is in direct contact with the company and one hand dealing is done. When an employee is admitted or pays a visit to the hospital, the management makes the full treatment plan and the company which is on the network with the hospital pays the expenses.
  • The second type is, the employee can have a choice to choose the tertiary or private care hospital himself and can be treated there. After this, he has to submit the copy of all the data and treatment given there. The company pays him accordingly.

However, insurance is not only for the employee but for his family also including mother and father before marriage and then spouse and children after marriage.

Facilities Included In Health Insurance

  • If an employee or his blood relation as per policy of the company is advised for a surgery for appendix, hernia, laparotomy etc., it is the duty of the company to pay all his bills from the time of admission to the time of discharge.
  • Other than surgical processes, if any chronic disease is encountered, for example, hepatitis, aids, or any malignancy, a company will pay all the expenses until the treatment stops.
  • Obstetrics review, as well as maternal care expenses, are also included for male candidate’s wife.
  • All the labs and tests advised by the medical practitioners are free.
  • If the employee or his blood relations is admitted to a hospital, it is the duty of the company to afford all the expenses.
  • Any trauma or accident is also counted in the list.
  • If an accident happens during the work, the company provides the annual amount of money to the family due to the loss of their beloved life.
  • It is not compulsory for the company to pay 100 percent bill, but sometimes some companies urge to pay 60 to 80 percent of the total expenses.
  • Follow up visits cost, medicines and post recovery labs

Benefits Of Health Insurance For An Individual

As everyone knows, above 50 years is the age when a person came across many deadly diseases. It is the most crucial time for a person’s life to look after himself, as he is already tired working throughout his life. This is the time of relaxation. So early recognition of this period and a full proof plan for the rest of life would be beneficial for a person. Monthly savings play an important role in this and other than that, the insurance plan is icing on the cake. Many individuals cannot facilitate themselves with the equipment’s available in private hospitals due to non-affordability which encounter them. If they have a backup plan of health insurance, they can easily enjoy all the latest developments in the medical field.

Not only for one sake, but the future family which is the maternal and child health is also an essential part. All the savings are lost if a person has no insurance plan. One cannot afford all the expenses pre and post obstetrics as well as childcare alone. The treatments are very expensive nowadays and if the employee connected to a particular company is facilitated with some benefits on the health side, it will help him to get better treatment from the well-reputed setup. For example, many workers in the factory are exposed to many harmful gases and there are some occupational diseases. The treatment for this cannot be afforded by them so this health insurance can be advantageous for them.


Lastly, being a part of today’s world, where everyone is busy in earning to fulfil all the basic needs and desires, a hurdle can come across them in any aspect of life in the form of a disease or a trauma related to health, it is considered as a blessing for an employee and his family to be a part of company which provide health insurance policy to them, decreasing their efforts towards life.

Ellie Singh is the prominent freelance social health worker serving for many reputable wellbeing programs to spread the acknowledgement of health in the society. Furthermore, she offers educational assistance in Essay Writing Services for all students.
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